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We aspire to help create a greener future
for all people, places & our planet.

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Our products help you grow better, produce
better yield & positively impact the planet.

Special Coir Mixes

Get High Yields
of Vegetable & Fruits

Our products help you get high yields of
produce to maximise the size of your harvest.

Specialised Grow Bags

Grow Cannabis

Our products cater to the specific needs of
cannabis cultivation to improve growth & yield.

Coir Logs & Nets

Riverbank Stabilisation
& Maintenance

Protect riverbanks from deterioration and
damage caused by erosion.

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We are a proud manufacturer & exporter of sustainable & eco-friendly coconut-based products in Sri Lanka.

With our wide range of products, we aspire to provide premium value whilst catering to the specific requirements of customers - be it in terms of farming, soil mix factories, greenhouse cultivation, landscaping and more. With unwavering passion and innovation, we embrace every opportunity for greater challenge and strive to provide the utmost levels of service to ensure the satisfaction of our customers.

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Coconut Based 100% Eco-Friendly Products

Coco Products

Embrace Organic Living & Lush Environments Experience Rural Sri Lanka at Ray of Ceylon’s Agro-Tourism Estate

Ray of Ceylon’s Agro-Tourism Estate in Naththandiya offers a unique experience that immerses you in the peace and tranquility of lush environs. Our Memories by the Estate package includes activities like coconut plucking, gardening, fishing, and animal interactions. Enjoy seasonal fruits during your stay, including wood apple, mango, lemon, and anoda, and embrace an organic lifestyle.
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Years of Experience in the Coconut Industry

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Eco-Friendly Coco Products

100% Eco-Friendly Coconut Products

Why Use All-Natural Coco products?

Our variety of environmentally-friendly and ethically-sourced coco products are incredibly versatile and offer a wide range of uses - from being an excellent growing medium to supporting erosion control.

  • An eco-friendly & sustainable products

  • A non-seasonal product available throughout the year

  • Reliable, effective & provides optimum results

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Tips for Ripening your Fruits

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Ceylon Tea, Ceylon Cinnamon, Other Ceylon Spices & More

Non-Coco Products



Quality & Flavourful Spices Directly From Sri Lanka  



Sri Lanka's Premium Cashews - Taste The Difference!  



Flavourful Ceylon Tea Available In A Range Of Varieties



Worlds Finest - Ceylon Cinnamon & Cinnamon By-Products  

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Commitment to Quality & Sustainability

Unwavering Quality Standards

  • As a global supplier,

    we strive to produce and deliver products that meet the highest quality standards. We constantly seek ways to raise the benchmark of quality in all that we do.

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